Vuong Lab at U of MN

Decoding maternal and early-life microbes in nervous system development and function, and behavior

The trillions of microbes in and on our bodies impact numerous aspects of our physiology. There are several studies that link gut microbiota to neurobiology and behavior. Our lab aims to dissect the role of microbes in the development of the nervous system, neural circuit function, and behaviors in health and neurological disorders. We will use interdisciplinary approaches to identify and characterize the mechanisms of interaction between microbes and host neural cells.

We use a longitudinal approach to track and investigate direct and long-term effects of microbially-derived molecules on brain development in utero, in early postnatal, and adult neural circuits. We aim to leverage the microbiome for diagnoses and therapeutic potential in neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Lab News

New publication

The lab’s first review on the role of the microbiome in neurodevelopment is published in the International Review of Neurobiology. Read it here

New member

New member alert
Amanda Borowski will join the Vuong lab as a research assistant in July. Welcome to the team, Amanda!

Vuong lab opens!

The Vuong lab at the U of MN Medical School Department of Pediatrics opens its doors. It’s cold!